Coming Soon

Bedrocker will be returning, kind of.
As of September 1st, work on Bedrocker will start once more and every step of the journey will be recorded and shown on Youtube.

The new version will be created on the back of the old plugins, so you will still get to fight some insane mobs and Minecraft will once again be a challenge. This remake will also feature the Kingdom plugin and all the other nifty things I was making behind the scenes. Including;

  • Real time item values
  • Travelling merchants
  • Real ore distribution
  • Ground nutrient levels for farming
  • Alchemy
  • Forgery
  • Kingdoms (massive city building plugin)
  • PVP enhancements for better game play
  • Spell creator - make your own spells
  • Many many new mobs
  • Much more .....

Everyone is welcome the old ban list is gone.