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Lifeeater a[Owner] posted Tue at 23:03
I am away for a few more weeks, back for 3 days and off to Sweden for a while then home. After that I may be heading off to sail around the Mediterranean for a while. I dont know yet but I dont plan to be staying in one place for more than a few days.  

I will be watching the server and I see that 1.7.9 has come out, so when I get a few mins I will upgrade all that is needed and address and plugin issues that arise.

See you all soon(ish)
bigGOG Well shit, look at mister fancy pants rich guy over here..
WildWolfofDark I have a friend in Sweden who sometimes plays on the server if you'd like to hang out with him.

Update for Mistyckle

Mistyckle a[Owner] posted Tue at 9:29
Hi guys :)

Just wanted to give you a quick update. Tomorrow I start a new job about an hour north of here :) YAY! It'll be fun ~

But I think I need to take a little time away to make some personal adjustments, to new job and new things going on while we wait here for Tom~~

I'll pop on once in a while :) and I do plan on getting everything up and running with the community~ just waiting in the meantime and going to make some personal adjustments to some new changes~~

So until then :) i'll see you once in a while and be aroundish, but just gonna take a little time ~

If you're starting back to school today~ hope you have a great day! I'd give you all cookies to take, but I don't know where you live xD and it might take them a while to get just know that I wish you all luck back at school in your classes and lots of silly times and fun with friends <3 

Just a hey

Mistyckle a[Owner] posted Mon at 6:31
For those that don't like to read my chatty posts, here you go: 

Happy Easter!

Mistyckle a[Owner] posted Sun at 9:04
Just wishing everyone a very happy Easter or chocolate bunny day or however you choose to celebrate :)

I will be away most of the day~
enjoy yourselves ;D and don't get too sick from all the chocolate xD
(I prefer eggs myself xP)

OMG I love tiny bunnies xD sooo cute! <33333

epic_dino you never knew what bunnies were? XD HAPPY EASTER!

I am back, but...

Mistyckle a[Owner] posted Sat at 14:06
Hey everyone <3 ~

I am back at home, but I am not really sure what's going on with the server~
Tom just said he's taking time away according to his post~ and let him know what's going on if anything is needed, which I've done~ except I don't really know what is really going on and I think it's really unfair for me to put a bunch of time and effort in if I don't even know what's going to happen when he gets back~~
I haven't heard anything from him since his last email to me...
I have many questions for him lol but if someone decides not to talk, then you can't really do much about that...just have to see what's going on I guess

Hopefully things will be fine and server will still be here....but this isn't the first time this has happened with him so I'm a little afraid (and feel its unfair) to put in a huge amount of work~~

that doesn't mean I won't if everything goes okay and he comes back and everything is alright~

I realize that I've not been around too much the last few months and I'm sorry for that~
my health and getting back on my feet (well sorta lol) came first~ I couldn't let my body get any worse~ I'm too young xD Adrenal stuff is complicated and fragile and if they burn out, that's it, that's all you get~ it came from some imbalances in my genetics (thanks mom and dad lol xD) and from some heavy duty stress in the last couple of years (I won't get into why but some things happened that put a lot of stress on them) and then fairly continuous low grade stress~~ if your doctor ever tells you to take some time to relax, do it! But they're doing better, feeling a bit more human now~~ and definitely getting back my energy ^^ ( really didn't like being rushed off to the hospital after passing out from a crash ._. )

I'm sorry this is long too~~ I just want you guys to know what's been up <3
Thank you for all the supportive notes and talks <3 you guys are great! 
We're really lucky to have a good group of regulars~
I know some of you have been waiting in the wings to see what happens, to see what changes are made and I'll address some of that from this end in a few minutes in a forum post so you guys can put in your input~

Thank you again for all your support and sticking by us for so long <3 Sorry things have gotten unstable~ sadly that is what happens (entropy I think it is?) and things just have to get sorted and put back together or not...or they change form...hard to say, but I just wanted to keep you up to speed as far as what is going on in my head ~ 

There are some changes in my personal life~ all good~ doing some adjusting to some major changes though, and am trying to get settled~
I have a new little part time job ^^ and some other good changes that hopefully will work out well ~
so I'll do what I can, but won't be on the computer 24/7

If I disappear for a day, no worries, I just got busy for that day, but if I know I'm going to be gone longer, I'll make sure to let you know <3 (I'm sort of split between 2 cities a little right now xD job is an hour away and I stay up there sometimes)

Thanks again <3
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guys those new maps probably wont be out for quite a while XD
Alchemy and new map would give me something to do and allow me to follow through with a plan I have :p
I'm waiting for the new map, magic, and more.
it's just suffering from a dry spell, a lot of people are waiting until the new map to do anything, and others don't have time to play except on the weekends.
Hmm I think bedrocker is dying, was there even one person online today..
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