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Happy Easter!

Mistyckle a[Owner] posted 5 hours ago
Just wishing everyone a very happy Easter or chocolate bunny day or however you choose to celebrate :)

I will be away most of the day~
enjoy yourselves ;D and don't get too sick from all the chocolate xD
(I prefer eggs myself xP)

OMG I love tiny bunnies xD sooo cute! <33333

epic_dino you never knew what bunnies were? XD HAPPY EASTER!

I am back, but...

Mistyckle a[Owner] posted Sat at 14:06
Hey everyone <3 ~

I am back at home, but I am not really sure what's going on with the server~
Tom just said he's taking time away according to his post~ and let him know what's going on if anything is needed, which I've done~ except I don't really know what is really going on and I think it's really unfair for me to put a bunch of time and effort in if I don't even know what's going to happen when he gets back~~
I haven't heard anything from him since his last email to me...
I have many questions for him lol but if someone decides not to talk, then you can't really do much about that...just have to see what's going on I guess

Hopefully things will be fine and server will still be here....but this isn't the first time this has happened with him so I'm a little afraid (and feel its unfair) to put in a huge amount of work~~

that doesn't mean I won't if everything goes okay and he comes back and everything is alright~

I realize that I've not been around too much the last few months and I'm sorry for that~
my health and getting back on my feet (well sorta lol) came first~ I couldn't let my body get any worse~ I'm too young xD Adrenal stuff is complicated and fragile and if they burn out, that's it, that's all you get~ it came from some imbalances in my genetics (thanks mom and dad lol xD) and from some heavy duty stress in the last couple of years (I won't get into why but some things happened that put a lot of stress on them) and then fairly continuous low grade stress~~ if your doctor ever tells you to take some time to relax, do it! But they're doing better, feeling a bit more human now~~ and definitely getting back my energy ^^ ( really didn't like being rushed off to the hospital after passing out from a crash ._. )

I'm sorry this is long too~~ I just want you guys to know what's been up <3
Thank you for all the supportive notes and talks <3 you guys are great! 
We're really lucky to have a good group of regulars~
I know some of you have been waiting in the wings to see what happens, to see what changes are made and I'll address some of that from this end in a few minutes in a forum post so you guys can put in your input~

Thank you again for all your support and sticking by us for so long <3 Sorry things have gotten unstable~ sadly that is what happens (entropy I think it is?) and things just have to get sorted and put back together or not...or they change form...hard to say, but I just wanted to keep you up to speed as far as what is going on in my head ~ 

There are some changes in my personal life~ all good~ doing some adjusting to some major changes though, and am trying to get settled~
I have a new little part time job ^^ and some other good changes that hopefully will work out well ~
so I'll do what I can, but won't be on the computer 24/7

If I disappear for a day, no worries, I just got busy for that day, but if I know I'm going to be gone longer, I'll make sure to let you know <3 (I'm sort of split between 2 cities a little right now xD job is an hour away and I stay up there sometimes)

Thanks again <3
Mistyckle a[Owner] I've made a thread for what suggestions I've been hearing: Here: ...

Just wanted to say...

Mistyckle a[Owner] posted Wed at 22:47
Happy 4/16/14
or happy 41/61/4 backwards xP

If you're from any of those strange places that do this:
16/4/14 it's not as groovy, sorry. ;D <3

Hope you're all well! Wanted to post something random to spice up your day xD

I'll be back home probably next week :) And will let ya know more of what's going on with me.
Hope you're all well <3

In the meantime~ have some groove yo ;)

Mistyckle a[Owner] The numbers were the same forwards and backwards~ it's not really a special day, was just a funny number combo...see? ra ...
bigGOG What's so special about this date?

Hey there all~

Mistyckle a[Owner] posted Sun at 21:50
Hi guys,

I just wanted to jot down a note to let you know what's going on with me. I'm really not sure tbh xD
And sorry this isn't written in more formal, coherent English~ but it is I guess in my voice xP so yar...

This is difficult to write, much less think about the space I'm in ~ especially as I look at everyone online right now. 17 of you <3 That's great!

Tom and I started this server about a year ago. We had a lot of fun making it, we spent so long and many hours building it up. We released it and you guys were so supportive and it was fun to watch you run around and play. He's done some absolutely brilliant coding on it~ he really does do a good job with that~ his mind is pretty amazing with how to do things and getting into and past the limits of MC. Really amazes me. Just in the one day he taught me how to code, I was like, "Wha? How the heck do you do what you do?" lol xD There was a short period of time when it went down, and I didn't know what was going on. But he brought it back and I looked forward to being able to get to work on it again. But at that time, I faced some medical issues with my adrenals. They were exhausted and I had to take it easy so that they wouldn't get pushed any further and be destroyed. That's why I wasn't around as much, part of why. But the doctor said I needed rest. I've rested more than I like lol I'm not one for just laying around~ it was so hard! But I had to to get better~ lol xD it was torture xD 

Here I am months later and better~ I am almost where I was before all the drain and things happened and feel like a new person! ;D It feels great to feel like this~ so I'm ready to come back and work, but there's a slight problem in that...

And it makes this difficult~
Like I've said~ I'm not really sure where I fit in the server anymore~ I've asked Tom to clarify for me, a few things, because he said to let him know if server goes down, etc...I figured where I fit would maybe be okay to ask? lol idk

I haven't heard anything~ so I'm still not sure if/where I do anymore~ which is hard~
this is my baby too and I love getting to talk with you all and work on things
I have popped on to the forums a couple times this week to make sure you're all okay~
I usually just post stuff on my wall, but I thought I should post on the main site today~ especially something i'm going to post :D because it's for you guys <3

" i remember a few months back when i was in the hospital, sometimes checking this site, seeing your support and care you showed through that time~ i look now at all the shifting and things Bedrocker (and xtekkit)have gone through and just wanted you to know, that some of you have been so dedicated and so kind to us. i didn't want you to think that goes unnoticed~ i very much appreciate all the hope and care you guys show~ <3<3<3<3<3<3<3 it really means a lot!"

btw if you don't have me added on here~ add me! ;D
lol sorry this got long xD
and I still have more to say lol oh noes! xD

A few quotes have gotten me through this week~ one is "Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn." That's so true for me right now~ my tides are definitely turning, in such beautiful and unexpected ways~ I feel so absolutely blessed! I have a lot to be grateful for in this life <3 Restored health, amazing friends and so so so so much more~ 

I'm about done xD not to worry! lol!!!

I will be spending the week offline, thinking about things concerning Bedrocker, because I'm not sure what's happening~ I'd love to come back and work on it~ but idk what's going on sooooo....?

I wanted to leave with this, it's along the lines of not giving up~~
But I think it's what a true Bedrocker is, I'm adopting that xD
"Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life." Jk Rowling
We started this with a different meaning in mind for the name Bedrocker lol~
through the tides and storms and things happening to send me to where I was (health, yada yada)~
I got pretty low~ but you never know how high you'll bounce unless you do right?
Anyway blahblahblah from Misty~ lol! idk my head is still not too clear and if you want to shorten this:

I will be away thinking about what I need to do, I'd love to work here but am not sure I'm welcome~
and I love you all <3 Some of you have been with us so long and shown so much dedication that it really touches me and I'm thankful for you and that dedication <3 Thank you

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temujin it sounds Great all i have to say
Hey guys and girls.

I will be away for a while attending to some personal things irl and during my absence give a thought to how you feel the server could be better.

Simple idea are the best. Remember it takes a long time to do things like create an entire quest tree or code a new kind of mob.

So please try and think of some pretty simple things.

My return will also see the start of a Bedrocker Youtube series. So please drop some ideas for this too. Maybe you want to see how I create custom worlds or maybe you just want a complete run down of every aspect of the RPG system and mobs.

See you all soon and play nice
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